Autodesk’s Digital Manifesto for the Construction Industry

Take a look at Autodesk’s vision for the future of the AEC industry, and how trends in technology are poised to deliver a profitable, resilient and agile industry, and a better built environment. It’s a 28 page PDF report with lots of visuals and graphics. It’s easy to read and does not go into too many technical details. I definitely recommend this to anybody who is thinking about the future of the construction business.

We partner with Autodesk because we share their vision and with solutions like we are helping to transform this vision into reality. That is why we chose Autodesk Forge as the platform for BIM integration with SAP.

Autodesk Forge is a connected developer cloud platform comprised of web services, technical resources, and an engaged community. Forge operates in a common data environment and leverages Autodesk’s 35 years of industry expertise, technology, and global network, enabling companies to get started quickly and focus on developing customized and scalable solutions to solve design, engineering, and manufacturing challenges.